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BALANCE PATCH: Fishing Spawns are no longer free! Since you can now catch more than just Magikarp, the standard -25 BYTE cost now applies as normal.
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Convention Center
ABOUT EVENT SCHEDULEFive different stages, user panels, merch, unique game demos, and more. Make your way around all the different areas in the Convention Center to collect 5 Trainer Stamps and claim your prize! You are free to fully describe and characterize anything on the map as you see fit. Have fun!
32 threads 203 posts [ti]megathread[/ti]Dancing With the Stars: Wheel of Fortune!
by Rose Garden
Sept 25, 2023 11:57:49 GMT 9
Event Stages, Codie's Arcade, Arena Plaza, Artist Corner, Dream Kingdom Lounge
San Francisco International Airport
Everyone's UNOVRcon experience begins somewhere, and for many traveling across the country, that place is the San Francisco International Airport. While you're waiting for your bags at the terminal, feel free to stop by the airport kiosk for an AVIATOR stamp. It's like you're at UNOVRcon already!
3 threads 12 posts Cage Match
by Kazuki
Sept 10, 2023 6:11:58 GMT 9
Hotels & Restaurants
The Hilton and Mariott are close adjacent to the Convention Center and both offer friendly discounts for UNOVRcon attendees with valid day passes. Even if they aren't staying the night, players can get a DREAMER stamp at the front desk of the hotel lobby, or enjoy dining at one of the hotel restaurants.
3 threads 8 posts Forced Arrangement
by argent
Sept 4, 2023 13:57:39 GMT 9
Character Creation
APPLICATION TEMPLATE FACECLAIMS PLAYER ROSTER Who will you become? Post your character application in this board for moderator review. When accepted, your post will be moved to the completed Character Record board.
301 threads 1,156 posts [ti]complete[/ti]Nocturne Heart
by C0D13
Sept 20, 2023 13:32:09 GMT 9
Character Record, Inventory, Journal
Communication Channel
TRADING & BIRTHDAYS OPEN THREADS RUMOR MASTERLIST Using this channel, characters can conveniently message one another over the game message system and exchange information about raid bosses, hidden dungeons, or just everyday chatter.
17 threads 67 posts A Stellar Birthday!
by Kazuki
Sept 14, 2023 19:10:35 GMT 9
Patch Notes, Bulletin Board, Global Chat
Starter Lab
It's time to start your Pokemon adventure! Make your first in-character post in this board to receive your randomized starter from Dr. Bunya. If you chose your own starter Pokemon during Character Creation, please notify a mod if you'd like to do a starter thread to receive it in-character.
113 threads 747 posts Starter Lab: Nefari
by Nefari
Sept 23, 2023 14:53:08 GMT 9
Archived Starter Lab
Tutorial Mode
TUTORIAL LIST You’ve got your starter, now it’s time to get your footing. Run through your choice of classic Pokémon scenarios here in Tutorial Mode! (Just remember you can't actually run until you get the Running Shoes.)
46 threads 309 posts [ti]open[/ti][004] Catch a Cold
by Kazuki
Sept 21, 2023 11:00:46 GMT 9
The Everworld
SETA'S TRIAL The endless halls of the Everworld are home to the lost souls of UNOVR. Whether fallen in battle, abandoned, or sacrificed to a higher power, all lost souls pass through these vermillion gates. Trainers must undergo Seta's Trial if they wish to recover their lost Pokemon, or save someone else's.
33 threads 232 posts [ti]sticky[/ti]THE EVERWORLD: SETA'S TRIAL
by astrum
Sept 2, 2023 2:37:01 GMT 9
Completed Everworld
Briarbane Settlement
SPAWNS & SCENARIOS CITY MAP BETHANY'S BOUDOIR UNOVR's first player settlement serves as humanity's foothold on the edge of the unknown. Named in honor of those who saved the town from a corrupted Briar Beast, Briarbane has since become well-known for its church, saloons, and impressive population of Bat Pokemon.
83 threads 541 posts [ti]private[/ti]for you must remember that all things die
by Kazuki
Sept 21, 2023 10:03:58 GMT 9
Churchside, Western District, Cerulean Boulevard, The Rookery, Tall Grass: Settlement
Route 1: Birchwild Grove
SPAWNS & SCENARIOS Dappled sunlight breathes warmth through the wide paths that wend through these autumn woods. Wooden signs lead wanderers to clearings filled with crunchy, tumbling leaves. There have been reports of clearings with circles of mushrooms which have been known to cause unusual effects.
30 threads 312 posts [ti]private[/ti]Started out just having fun Now every night blends into one
by Tuesday
Sept 6, 2023 1:16:55 GMT 9
Noonlight Shrine, Round 2 Base, Tall Grass: Birchwild Grove
Route 2: Misty Timberland
SPAWNS & SCENARIOS THE DREAM WORLD Wooden giants grow tall and untouched, their higher branches tangling with the clouds. Fallen branches are stacked in thorny heaps that grow thick with moss and mushrooms. The forest is strangely cold. Sometimes, a strange light sweeps through the mist.
31 threads 351 posts [ti]private[/ti]Vitae
by Saint
Sept 19, 2023 11:24:48 GMT 9
Precipice Shrine, The Creed Base, Tall Grass: Misty Timberland
Route 3: The Surge Steppes
SPAWNS & SCENARIOS You can see forever in these open plains. Wildflowers and lush grasses cover the low shale hills, which are crisscrossed with the warrens of burrowing Pokemon. Spires of unworked iron break the ground, forming natural lightning rods that draw the wrath of the daily storms.
36 threads 425 posts Urayamashi omoi-kiru toki neko no koi
by Verai
Sept 10, 2023 9:01:27 GMT 9
Giant Shrine, Mythstar Base, Tall Grass: The Surge Steppes
Corruption Zone
The next area is impassable. ...Almost. That's what they'd like you to think, isn't it? The truth is, anyone can go there... if you're willing to take the risk. Having tasted sweet Corruption, can you look it in the eyes and return unchanged?
8 threads 65 posts They sang to me in ways innately
by Yuze
Sept 21, 2023 0:03:29 GMT 9
The world of UNOVR is riddled with secret dungeons; unique, limited-time occurrences stumbled upon by the fortunate (or not-so-fortunate, depending on how you see it). No two dungeons are alike! Only Dungeon Masters may start threads in this board. Remember, you (OOC) may only be in one dungeon at a time!
20 threads 523 posts [ti]dungeon[/ti]GAMMA ISLAND
by Ladybug
Jun 25, 2023 22:27:23 GMT 9
Completed Dungeons
Arena Mode
ARENA RULES ARENA SHOP COLOSSAL BATTLES Welcome to Arena Mode! Put those hard-earned skill ranks to use and test your mettle against other trainers. This is the best place to practice your RPG battle mechanics and compete head-to-head with other players. You can also earn Arena Points to spend at the shop!
25 threads 96 posts [ti]private[/ti]Elor bindel felallan morin'aminor
by Verai
Sept 20, 2023 0:43:08 GMT 9
Freeform, Mechanical, Colossal Battles
Challenge Tower
CHALLENGE LIST TREE OF WORMS Looking for a fun challenge using actual Pokemon mechanics, like Base Power and Status Effects? Then grab your team and your friends and head into the Challenge Tower. Will you reach the top and claim the ultimate prize?

3 threads 133 posts here kitty kitty...
by The Captain
Sept 4, 2023 19:44:52 GMT 9
Pokemon Refresh
HOW TO PLAY! Create a new thread in this board to interact one-on-one with your Pokemon in cute, meaningful ways! You may post once a day to temporarily increase a Pokemon's Rarity Bonus through the power of friendship.
44 threads 129 posts Comet's Pep Talk [Refresh]
by Comet
Aug 28, 2023 8:58:55 GMT 9
Real World
Take a step back from the game world and unplug for awhile. Your character might be closer to other people than you think. You are welcome to roleplay here by yourself for character development purposes or with others for real-world plots. Feel free to request custom sub-boards for specific locations!
40 threads 203 posts The Haunting of Hydance Hall
by Lord Darien Blackthorne
Sept 9, 2023 7:13:32 GMT 9
United States, Canada, Ireland, France, South Korea, Japan, Australia
Advertising & Affiliation
Members from other sites may post ads here or request affiliation with UNOVR! Please do not post duplicate ads. Our own affiliation banners and site advertisements are stored here as well.
70 threads 84 posts Five Clans [Warrior Cats rp], ALL HIGH POSITIONS OPEN
by Riley
Sept 24, 2023 16:23:06 GMT 9
Dice Rolling
Dice rolls for special events will be tracked here! Please do not edit or delete any posts made in this board. If you make a mistake, please make a new (corrected) post and contact a mod.
4 threads 66 posts GAMMA ISLAND: Rolling Thread
by Rose Garden
Jun 22, 2023 8:04:59 GMT 9
General Archive
Processed upgrades, trades, catches, and threads will be stored here until the end of time. Happy archive-digging!
852 threads 6,453 posts [ti]private[/ti]Through Endless Affect
by Tuesday
Sept 5, 2023 0:15:15 GMT 9
Completed Gifts/Trades, Completed Spawns, Archived IC Threads, Old Skill Trees
Archived Events
Outdated or completed site events will be stored here for future reference! Feel free to read up on past events to catch yourself up.
37 threads 1,452 posts [ti]worldevent[/ti]WORLD EVENT: THUNDERFALL RAID
by System Admin
Aug 22, 2023 12:53:12 GMT 9
Completed World Events





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